How to Seek Prosecutorial Discretion from ICE

In November 2014, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced two new memorandum clarifying priorities on prosecutorial discretion and enforcement priorities.  These policies are to be implemented by all DHS agencies, including USCIS, when deciding which aliens to arrest, detain, and … Continue reading

Immigrants Closely Tied to Military Get Reprieve

“The Obama administration issued a new policy on Friday that will allow immigrants in the United States illegally who are close relatives of active military troops and veterans to stay and move toward becoming permanent residents. The long-awaited memorandum, coming … Continue reading

Immigration Reform and the State of the U.S. Psyche

By: Parand Kashani The Washington Post published an article last week discussing immigration reform and U.S. strength and security. The article, written by Robert Kagan, gave an in-depth analysis on the debate over immigration policies, and discussed the current Senate … Continue reading

Department of Homeland Security Detaining Vulnerable Children in Adult Prisons

The Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) apprehends thousands of children each year. These children include asylum applicants, survivors of human trafficking, those who entered the U.S. lawfully at a young age and overstayed their visas, as well as young children … Continue reading

Sanchez-Herbert – Failure to Appear/In Absentia Complications

By: Helena Coric* An overwhelming amount of sources discuss the backlog problems our immigration system is facing. In deportation proceedings, the difficulties become more apparent as hearings are delayed and one is left to simply wait it out. For those … Continue reading

The Top 8 Items from Dept. of Homeland Security’s Announcement on Deferred Action

In a change from the prior announcement, people currently in removal proceedings will use the USCIS process when it is implemented on August 15, 2012, rather than go through ICE. Only individuals in detention will go through ICE to make … Continue reading

Secure Communities a Trap for the Unwary

ICE’s ‘Secure Communities’ program is NOT voluntary. A voluntary program to run all criminal suspects’ fingerprints through an immigration database was only voluntary until cities refused to participate, thousands of recently released documents show. The Obama administration then tightened the … Continue reading

What happens to Immigrants with Mental Disabilities in Removal Proceedings?

     With little safeguards, each year many non-citizens or even U.S. citizens have been ordered removed without access to counsel and without any clinical analysis. This is a clear violation of both the Fifth Amendment Equal Protection Clause, and of … Continue reading


On October 26, 2010, the U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) implemented Secure Communities to all the counties of West Virginia this past October.   Secure Communities is ICE’s new system of mainly using biometrics to identify immigrants that are … Continue reading