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Danielle Beach-Oswald is a Managing Partner at Beach-Oswald Immigration Law Associates, PC. She has a Certificate of Recognition, Customs and Border Patrol-MD from the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and is a Liaison to Office of Chief Counsel/DRO-Washington Office, also from the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Danielle is a licensed attorney in Washington, DC and Maryland. To visit her complete bio, please click here: http://www.avvo.com/attorneys/20006-dc-danielle-beach-634276.html

Two Years Later: The Impact of DACA

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program is an Obama Administration initiative implemented to extend rights and benefits to the growing number of undocumented youths and young adults living in the United States. The program allows youths and young adults … Continue reading

Nationality Trends in New Naturalized Citizens in the US

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently released its Annual Flow Report analyzing naturalization patterns for the preceding year. This report uses administrative records consisting of information from naturalization applications in the preceding year, drawing conclusions as to present and … Continue reading

Evolving Trends in Refugee and Asylee Admissions to the US

Every year, the Department of Homeland Security Office of Immigration Statistics issues a report analyzing trends in Refugee and Asylum Admissions to the U.S. The 2013 Annual Flow Report on Refugees and Asylees comprehensively compiles data from numerous governmental and … Continue reading

Evolving Trends in New US Legal Permanent Residents

Background: A legal permanent resident (LPR) or “green card” recipient is a person granted lawful permanent residence in the United States, a status conferring certain rights and responsibilities. LPR flow shows an upward trend since 1945, increasing from 250,000 in … Continue reading

Is the U.S. Becoming More Immigrant Friendly?

In her May 19, 2014 article in Politico titled “States Take on Immigration,” Seung Min Kim explains that states are increasingly taking immigration into their own hands.  However, where states used to pass laws focusing on immigration law enforcement such … Continue reading

Discriminatory Practices in the Central American Asylum Credible Fear Process

The American Immigration Council recently issued a special entitled, “Mexican and Central American Asylum and Credible Fear Claims: Background and Context.” This timely report discusses the current rhetoric surrounding the credible fear process and the state of the U.S. asylum … Continue reading

Enhancing the Lives of Unaccompanied Minors

According to CNN, every day, hundreds of unoccupied minors cross the southwest border into the United States via rafts with instructional guides on how to reach the Border Patrol station to surrender in search of a better life. Usually, once … Continue reading

Entry Without Inspection Leads to Citizenship Through TPS

  In Ramirez v. Dougherty, the district court for the Western District of Washington, in the Ninth Circuit, held that there was a path to citizenship for an alien from El Salvador who entered the U.S. without having been inspected … Continue reading