Orphans Suffer as U.S. – Russia Tensions Escalate

Today marks the beginning of a sad era for Russian orphans. Earlier in the day, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill outlawing American adoptions of Russian orphans. As a result, there are forty six children currently hanging in limbo, … Continue reading

Same Sex Marriage-Supreme Court Update

The gay-marriage debate has garnered much attention in recent months following the general election results and interest of the Supreme Court to tackle the issue in 2013. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court pledged to hear two cases on gay … Continue reading

Make Human Rights Day Last All Year ‘Round

This Monday we celebrated the 64th annual Human Rights Day, a day to celebrate human rights, bring a specific issue into the spotlight, and to advocate for human rights for those whose rights are constantly curtailed. However, Human Rights Day … Continue reading

US Army MAVNI Program Allows Non-Immigrants to Get Citizenship Quickly

By: John Nicholas Mandalakas* Despite the difficulties that civilian business face in securing visas for much needed foreign employees with special skills (STEM or otherwise), military outfits are having no problems. This is due to a program called MAVNI (Military … Continue reading

Same-Sex Marriage Becoming Mainstream? What Does it Mean for Immigrants?

By: Helena Coric*  The 2012 Presidential election produced great advances in the fight for marriage equality as legislation passed in the states of Minnesota, Maryland, Maine, and Washington. The significance of these results is that for the first time voters … Continue reading